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Crewlift Davit

Two People using a Crew Lift Caley Marina

Long lasting-durable stainless steel frame (316 Marine grade) Universal application-can be mounted on dockside, harbours and pontoons. Easy transfer-from quayside to cockpit. Simple controls-easy to operate by one person. The hinged and telescopic upper arm can lift up to 160kg and has sufficient height and reach to lift its' disabled passenger in a comfortable seat high enough to access a deck above pier level or lower them into a boat or canoe below dock height.

Additional Information:

The key to Crew Lift is a powerful hydraulic ram, which is pumped manually to raise the main arm high enough for its passenger to access a boat. The entire davit is then swung to position the passenger over the boat. Lowering is simply a matter of turning a relief valve which is fitted with a restrictor to allow the passenger to be lowered gently onto the deck and prevent an uncontrolled descent.

Price: From £4,950
Availability: 2 - 3 weeks
Address: Caley Marina
Canal Road

Tel: 01463 233437/236539
Fax: 01463 238323
Mobile: 07703 168280
Jamie Hogan

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