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Flexiloc Modular Ramps

Man in wheelchair using a modular ramp Mobility World

With these ramping modules it is possible to assembly a variety of ramps. Each ramp is constructed from a number of smaller sections, which means that: They can fit any opening and any step regardless of shape and height differences. They can be taken apart and re-assembled again and again. The gradient can be adjusted.

Additional Information:

As well as creating bespoke ramps, Flexiloc comes in a Weekend kit containing five sets of threshold ramps that can be quickly and easily laid in place. The ramps are light and the bag of five weighs only 9kg. There is also a Weekend Plus kit which contains three threshold ramps and a pair of telescopic ramps. Being polyethylene, Flexiloc withstands wet conditions and extreme temperatures.

Price: Individually quoted
Availability: Next Day
Address: 78-80 Station Road
Tel: 0843 208 4444

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