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Hypo Hoist Man Over Board System

Man using Hypo Hoist Man Over Board System SeaSafe Systems Ltd.

A major step forward in marine safety, Hypo Hoist is a rapid and efficient MOB recovery system, specifically designed to rescue a conscious or unconscious person from the water and back onto the safety of the vessel, whilst minimising risk and injury to the casualty. An important attribute of this new system is that it can be deployed by just one person, clearly a key factor in a lightly crewed vessel.

Additional Information:

The main component of Hypo Hoist is its cradle which has two functions: either to hoist and roll the MOB up the freeboard, level with the deck and back on to the craft, laying them in the recovery position ready for immediate medical attention, or to operate as a boarding ladder with hand holds to allow quick and easy access back onto the vessel.

Price: From £166.63 plus VAT
Availability: 2-4 Days
Address: Mariners House
Mariners Way
Somerton Business Park
Newport Road
Isle of Wight
PO31 8PB
Tel: 01983 282 388

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