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Marina Deck

Green marina decking  Fibreglass Grating Ltd.

'Marina Deck' is an extremely tough, durable decking material with a life span of over 50 years, and has been designed to withstand the rigours of marine environments. The small 12 mm. x 12 mm. mesh size prevents small objects from falling through and complies with the European 15 mm. ball falling test requirement. Also, the close spacing of the bearing bars provides smooth movement for small or large wheeled trolleys, wheelchairs etc.

Additional Information:

Available in various sizes - Non-slip: rigid: no maintenance: 50 year lifespan: easily cut to shape with hand tools: superior traction in wet, oily and icy conditions. Available in Dark Green, Light Grey and Sand colours. Designed to be installed ontl existing 'structurally sound' decking materials eg. timber, aluminium, concrete, steel mesh etc.

Price: On Application
Address: Unit 14
Telford Road
Gorse Lane
Industrial Estate
Clacton on Sea
CO15 4LP
Tel: 01255 423 601
Fax: 01255 435 426

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