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Oxford Poolside

Woman using Oxford Poolside Dipper on quayside Joerns Healthcare Ltd.

Designed for use at poolside or quayside locations. The 140kg capacity Dipper is a proven, reliable and safe method of transferring from shore to boat. The lifting height of 179cms is achieved with a manually operated hydraulic pump - slow full strokes are advised to avoid "bounce".

Additional Information:

Available in various sizes - A locating socket is set into the pool or quayside which, when not in use leaves a flush surface. Care must be taken on pontoon since the cantilevered weight can cause the pontoon to tip. It is advisable to send for the catalogue to aid choice of appropriate hoist.

Price: On Application
Address: Drakes Broughton Business Park
Worcester Road
Drakes Broughton
Pershore, Worcestershire,
Clacton on Sea
WR10 2AG
Tel: 0844 811 1156
Fax: 0844 811 1157

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