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Remap is a national charity working through local groups of skilled volunteers to help people with disabilities achieve independence and a better quality of life. We make or modify equipment when nothing suitable is available through mainstream sources. Items are tailor-made to be suitable for individual needs and to make a real difference to people's ability to rise to a particular challenge and achieve something not otherwise possible for them.

Additional Information:

This wheelchair has been modified so that it is only nine inches from the ground. A sliding transfer board is pivoted about the wheelchair seat centre. An inflatable cushion is placed in the dinghy seating position. The sailor transfers from his/her wheelchair to the modified wheelchair using the sliding board. The cushion in the dinghy is inflated and the sailor transfers from the modified wheelchair to the dinghy cushion. This is then deflated and the transfer is complete. To transfer back to the sailor's wheelchair the process is reversed starting by inflating the cushion in the dinghy. Remap will consider requests to make any one-off pieces of equipment provided nothing is available commercially.

Price: Home modification
Address: D9 Chaucer Business Park
TN15 6YU
Tel: 0845 1300 456
Fax: 01732 760204

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