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Solent Leisure

Man using A canvas Bosuns Chair Baseline Marine Products Ltd

A canvas Bosuns Chair specially designed for lifting disabled sailors into the boat from their wheelchair on the pontoon, with maximum safety and comfort. With a wrap round design it is very easy to put on and the closed cell foam covered in yacht acrylic gives the comfort of a padded seat. The two shoulder straps give support to the back.

Additional Information:

This chair can be used With the yachts mainsail halyard or perhaps, using the boom as a derrick arm or in conjunction with a purpose made davit for dinghy sailing. It has been used by RYA Sailability who has described it as an - excellent piece of design.

Solent Bosuns Chair - Part No: 19-31

Availability: Standard Retail Product available online from Baseline Marine Products Ltd.
Price: £86.90 including VAT
Type: Commercial

Unit 10 Apple Industrial Estate
Whittle Avenue
Segensworth West
PO15 5SX

Tel: 01489 576349
Fax: 01489 578835

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