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Fibrelight Cradle Recovery System

Fibrelight Recovery System in use mfc Survival Ltd.

A recovery system that can be operated by a single crewmember and also serves as a boarding ladder, scramble net and stretcher. The system is primarily designed for use by small rescue craft, rigid inflatables and ship's lifeboats. The inboard end is secured to the craft and the outboard end is held outwards by hand, boat hook or bridle depending on the size of the craft. It can also be supplied fitted with floats at the outboard end. The casualty is guided into the cradle and the outboard end is hauled in recovering the caualty in the prefered horizontal position. The system can also be used as a boarding ladder or scramble net.

Additional Information:

A square grid of PU coated polyester webbing, reinforced with carbon fibre rods. The 10 mm. diametre carbon fibre rodge are enclosed in flanged tubular webbing. The horizontal webbings containing the rods are fitted into and sewn between the double thickness pockets of the vertical webbings. Attachment loops are fitted at the inboard end. A system 1.3 metres wide by 2.9 metres long weighs opprox. 5 kgs. Any width or length can be produced based on a nominal 300 mm. square.

Type: Commercial
Address: Naval Yard
Rhondda Cynon Taff
CF40 1JS
Tel: 01443 433 075
Fax: 01443 420 448
Mobile: 07717 203812

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