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Jasons Cradle

Jason's Cradle in use Land and Marine Products Ltd.

Jason's Cradle is a market leader in man over board recoveries. It's simplicity and speed has rescued many a casualty and its name is recognised worldwide. An easy to deploy piece of equipment with a rapid recovery procedure this life saving device is second to none. The Jason's Cradle is fully SOLAS approved and guaranteed against manufacturing defect for three years after which time annual servicing will ensure it will provide a useful service life well in excess of 10 years. It is manufactured using high specification plastics technology and linked together with 316 marine grade stainless steel to provide the strongest possible protection against corrosion.

Additional Information:

The Jason's Cradle is available in virtually any practical width and length and in different configurations including stretcher and scramble-net variants to suit the requirements of owners and operators in every marine sector. Commercial Formats: Standard, FRC KIts, Scramble Nets and Stretchers. Leisure Cradle: Available in 3 sizes, Standard format to fit yachts up to 2m freeboard Rib format to suit ribs up to 5m length in two widths, 530mm & 710mm.

Price: Leisure Cradles from £500 plus VAT & UK Mainland del. Commercial Cradles from £960.00 plus VAT & Del.
Availability: Stockline - available for immediate delivery. Bespoke - 2-6 weeks delivery.
Type: Commerical
Address: 6 Aerial Park
Uddens Trading Estate
BH21 7NL
Tel: 01202 874365

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