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MobMat overboard recovery system Yacht Manager Software Ltd.

MobMat brings a simple and effective solution to man overboard recovery for small craft, especially for short handed crew . Each MobMat product provides a semi rigid lifting cradle to bring the casualty back on board. The casualty is not rolled up the side of the vessel but remains horizontal, This reduces the chances of heart failure due to Hydrostatic squeeze. We also offer a commercial version for rescue and emergency services, still providing man overboard recovery, but also the benefits of a fully functioning stretcher. Special Price: £230.00 for Sailability customers only.

Additional Information:

RibMat is an alternative version which is a low apex version for motor boats, RIBS and can be used off a pontoon. Special Price: £180.00 for Sailability customers only. Further information is available on the website including videos of the MobMat in use.

Price: £230.00 for Sailability customers only
Address: Yacht Manager Software Ltd
SO41 6DH
Tel: +44 1590 681376

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