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The Pacific Lite Lifejacket

sleeveless gilet lifejacket The Pacific Lite is a sleeveless gilet where safety comes as standard, this garment features the innovative SeaSafe concealed lifejacket system. On contact with water, your Pacific Lite will inflate turning your foul weather coat into a 150N life jacket.

Perfect for warmer months or warmer waters the Pacific Lite is comfortable to wear and no one need realise the wearer has a lifejacket on, but should the user go overboard this gilet will operate in exactly the same way as a standard lifejacket. The Pacific Lite has a fully automatic self-inflating system with a full 165 Newton's of buoyancy and self-righting mechanism - it could represent the most comfortable way to save your life.

The Pacific Lite is made from a premium grade ultra-breathable outer fabric and is a sleeker, lighter version of the Trekker, more suitable for warmer days, women or those seeking a less commercial, less performance like look.

Additional Information:

Fully Integrated Lifejacket Self & Automatic Inflation Waterproof & Breathable Bespoke Manufacture Automatic Lifejacket light fitted, rescue strap and "D" ring fitted 2 x Outside Gusset Pockets Crotch Strap

Price: £239.95 inc. VAT

Yellow/black - 2 - 4 days

Any colour made to order - 14 days 

Type:   Commercial
Address: Mariners House
Mariners Way
Somerton Business Park
Newport Road
Isle of Wight
PO31 8PB
Tel: 01983 282388
01983 282399

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