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Two Point Wheelchair Restraint System

Two blue fixing clipsUnwin Safety Systems

This two point webbing restraint is fitted with rail fixing clips to secure a wheelchair quickly and safely to any chosen position on the deck of a boat. The system requires a pair of rails which are screwed on the deck. The fixing clip simply slides into the rail and its plunger mechanism locks the restraint securely into place. A Karabiner hook is attached to each side of the wheelchair, and the restraint can then be tensioned with an over-centre buckle. Used on the STS "Lord Nelson". Other configurations are available, please contact our Sales Office for details.

Additional Information:

For a full product guide or additional information regarding the full product range contact Gerry O'Connor as below.

Price: £75 approx. per system
Standard product
Type:   Commercial
Address: Unwin Safety Systems
Unwin House
The Horseshoe
Newport Road
Coat Road
TA12 6EY
Tel: 01935 827740
01935 827760

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