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Cordless Electric Winch Handle

Blue and white Winch Winch Rite

Specifically designed to make light work of sail handling such as furling and unfurling of sails, sheeting and halyard raising, the Winchrite is an incredibly safe and convenient way to assist the single or short-handed sailor, or indeed sailors who are finding winch grinding just a little bit too much like hard work!

Additional Information:

The unit utilises the latest Lithium-Ion battery technology, and offers 21.7v of cranking power, and can be charged by 12v or 240v chargers, both of which are supplied. The casing is tough and water-resistant. The unit can be used on all standard winch designs, and costs a fraction of the price customers would have to pay for installing a single electric winch.

Price: RRP £599.00 inc VAT
In stock
Type:  Commercial

Watkins Yachting Ltd
Deacons Boat Yard, Bridge Road,
Bursledon, Southampton
SO31 8AZ

Tel: 01590 681038
07540 111905

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