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Moor Fast

Moor Fast Device Moor Fast (Marine) Ltd

The Moor Fast is a hand held device which allows you to thread a mooring line through a mooring ring or cleat and bring the line back on board, without the operator leaving the boat.

Simply attach the mooring line to the feeder line supplied, extent the 2 metre telescopic handle to the required length, then push the head onto the mooring ring or cleat. The line will automatically thread itself through the ring. Then simply pull the line back on board.

Additional Information:

This device can be used one handed and the telescopic pole enables mooring to be completed safely without stretching.

Price: £39.95 (inc VAT)
Standard Product
Type:  Commercial
Address: Fleet House
Upnor Road
Lower Upnor
Tel: 01634 295 880
01634 295 885

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