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The Department of Medical Engineering, based at Salisbury District Hospital were responsible for the design and manufacture of the bespoke seating system used by Geoff Holt during his 2007 Round Great Britain Personal Everest challenge.

To build a seat that could offer him both some postural stability and provide adequate pressure relief was crucial to the success of the project, and given the duration of the trip and the demands made on the seat we are extremely proud that Geoff completed the trip without any damage to his skin.

The seat was built using a system, developed at Salisbury District Hospital, more commonly used to contruct seating for use in wheelchairs but it is adaptable. In the past, in addition to being used in Geoff's Challenger, the system has been interfaced onto water skis, snow skis, handbikes and into static seats.

Additional Information:

For more details please contact Andrea Taylor, Senoir Rehab Engineer at Salisbury District Hospital

Price: On application
Address: Department of Medical Engineering
Salisbury District Hospital
Odstock Road
Tel: 01722 425 138
 Fax: 01722 416 227 
 Mobile:  07836 534 796

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