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    Multiclass in more detail

    Team Racing

    Random pairs team racing offers short races that are action packed and a lot of fun. Team racing is a great way to develop your boat handling and rules knowledge. Individual entries are paired on a random basis with other competitors and the pairings change for each race. Two teams of two boats race against each other on a short course, with the simple rule that the team with a boat in 4th place (last) loses. The winner of the event is the skipper with the highest number of race wins. It's intensive - the two boat format means all you have to do is ensure one of your competitors comes last. It is friendly because you could be paired with anyone from race to race, so it’s a good idea keep on everyone's good side!  

    When: Friday 05 July, 1330 to 1600
    Class: Two person Hansa 303; single person Hansa Liberty
    Entries: Maximum of 8 in each class
    Boats: Competitors to arrange their own boat


    The Keelboat League

    League racing offers short sprint races in small fleets (4-6 boats). Each team races against the others multiple times in a league format, swapping in and out of the keelboats between races. The winners have the best accumulated score across all the racing. Don't worry if you are not confident, we can supply an experienced skipper who will get your round the race course. You will need to be able to transfer from one boat to another on the water, and be able to move independently across the keelboat. If you enter the keelboat league you won’t be able to do the fleet racing or try racing / go racing, but you could do the Pursuit race (as long as you have a boat to do it in).  

    If you would like us to provide a skipper, just sign up with your team of 3 and we will link you with a skipper.

    If you are a volunteer, wanting to take part on the Friday you don't need to sign up online.  Just let Melissa or one of the team know and we will do the rest.

    When: Friday 05 July, 1330 to 1600 (volunteers only); Saturday 06 and Sunday 07 July for competitors
    Class: Elliot 6m provided by the organisers
    Entries: Maximum of 12 teams - 4 persons on each team (which may include the skipper provided by the organisers)
    Boats: Boats provided by the organisers (limited availability)


    The Pursuit Race

    A chance for everyone to get on the water with the slowest boats starting first, the fastest last.  The winner is the boat who is still in the lead after 90 minutes. It's fun and social with so many boats on the same race course - keep your boat sailing fast, avoid too much traffic, and you could emerge the Pursuit Race Champion of Champions.  

    When: Saturday 06th July, first warning signal at 1025
    Classes: All classes are eligible
    Entries: no limit
    Boats: Competitors to arrange their own boat


    Fleet Racing

    Racing around a set course. Entry is open to all classes, but we expect to see the Hansa 2.3, 303 (single person and two person), Liberty and Skud; the Challenger; the International 2.4mR; and the RS Venture.  Racing will take place across two courses, with races back to back. If you enter the fleet racing, you can’t do the keelboat league or try racing/go racing. You can of course still do the pursuit race.  

    When: Saturday 06 July, first warning signal not before 1425 and Sunday 07 July, first warning signal not before 10.25
    Classes: All classes are eligible
    Entries: no limit
    Boats: Competitors to arrange their own boat


    Try Racing / Go Racing

    For people with learning disabilities who may not have the confidence to enter the other racing on offer, an introduction to sailing and racing is available.  It is a chance to take your first competitive steps on the water with plenty of support and guidance from staff and volunteers at the Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre. Boats and buoyancy aids will be provided. If you enter the try racing/go racing, you can’t do the keelboat league or fleet racing. You can of course still do the pursuit race.    

    When: Saturday 06 July, from 1400 and Sunday 07 July, from 1030
    Entries: 20 people
    Boats: The Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre will provide the boats and waterproofs/wetsuits


    Sip and Puff Sailing

    An hours safe and secure sailing adventure that you never thought was possible. A hoist is available to get you on and off the boat. A specialist seat allows you to maintain an upright, secure posture. A straw enables you to steer the boat by sipping (turn right) and puffing (turn left). An instructor is there to guide you through what you need to do and a dedicated safety boat follows you on the water.  

    When: Friday 05 July, 1100 and 1400; Saturday 06 July, 1400 and 1600; Sunday 07 July, 1000 and 1300
    Entries: 1 person per slot - 6 people in total
    Limitations: the nature of the seat means it is only suitable for people who weigh up to 70kgs and are up to 1.60m tall.


    Stand Up Paddle Boarding / Windsurfing

    A chance to give a new activity a go, particularly if you find yourself on the shore while others are out there racing. Why not try stand up paddle boarding or windsurfing? Specialist boards are available that provide stability and access for anyone who needs it.

    When: Saturday 06 July, 12:00, 1400 and 1600; Sunday 07 July, 1100 and 1300
    Entries: Max 10 people per 90 minute session  
    Equipment: boards and buoyancy aids provided by organisers (limited availability, first come first served)

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