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Do I Need to Buy Equipment?

To start with you don't actually have to buy anything since most equipment can be provided by the Team15 club.

Team15 clubs only have a limited amount of club equipment though, so if you get into windsurfing and decide you enjoy taking part in your Team15 club, then you really should be investigating purchasing your own equipment

What are the benefits to owning equipment?

  • More sailing time: If you have your own kit, you can use it to practice, outside of Team15 session, so your ability will improve much quicker
  • You can participate in Interclub challenges more easily: Having your own kit will make things much easier to participate at Interclub events, since not all Team15 clubs have sufficient equipment to let it disappear for the day to an event.
  • Cheaper sailing: In the long term having your own equipment will work out cheaper than hiring windsurfing equipment, which you may have to do in order to take part in Interclubs.
  • Team15 clubs can grow: More additional children will be able to take part in Team15 if there is sufficient Club kit for new sailors to use.

Advice for buying New or Second hand Kit

  • New Kit: The best places to go are windsurfing retailers, who will be able to offer you good advice.
  • What to ask for? Inform the retailer whether you are looking for a family equipment package or something suitable for a junior sailor only.

If you are interested in participating in Interclub challenges and might want to progress into the RYA Zone Squads, then let the retailer know, since the Bic Techno 293 one-design board may be suitable at this stage.

  • Second-hand Kit: With children outgrowing equipment as they get bigger or decide to follow a specific competition pathway, the second-hand market is rife with suitable options.
  • What to look for? If you are buying second-hand then make sure the board is not too old. Equipment has changed a great deal in the last 20 years and a lot of much older kit will be unsuitable for junior windsurfing.

Key features to look out for on a board are:

  • Board no longer than 320cm in length (helps the board turn more easily with a small sail)

  • A Daggerboard or central fin in the board (help you sail upwind).

If you are small and looking to buy a second-hand sail or rig for the 3.5m and 4.5m classes, make sure you buy a junior sail rather than a high-wind adult sail. This way you will ensure that it's the right kind of sail to fit on a junior mast and boom, which are narrower in diameter to cater for smaller hands. They are also a lot lighter and have a lower boom cut-out so you can rig it for the correct height.

What kit can I sail in Team15?

The short answer is anything! Team15 has an open-kit policy, however, some equipment is more suitable than others, and some restrictions apply at Interclubs and beyond. Having the right kit will make learning windsurfing and improving a lot easier and much more fun, which is the whole point of Team15! So choose wisely. Ask your Team15 coach for advice if in doubt.

Team15 also aims to progress children along the RYA competition pathway and certain kit might be needed at higher levels - all of this kit can also be used at T15 clubs. The pathway board for junior windsurfing is the Bic Techno 293 one design board.

Whether you choose to buy open kit now and progress onto specified kit at a later stage is entirely your choice. Team15 Interclub events allow for open-kit or Bic Technos to be used, with a Techno Award being presented to the first Techno sailor if they are outside of the top three.

So if you are looking to buy a board, you could get a Techno straight away to use in your T15 club.

If you need more advice then ask your Team15 coach.

Equipment for Interclub Events

There are four fleets sailed at the T15 Interclub event;

  • Open 3.5m
  • Open 4.5m
  • Open 5.8m
  • Techno 6.8m

The fleets refers to the maximum sail size which can be used. You can use smaller sails in each class, which may be required if it is windy or you are small in build, however the sail must have a maximum of 6 battens and 2 cams (only relevant to the 5.8 and 6.8m).

Whilst any board can be sailed in the Open 3.5, Open 4.5 and Open 5.8m classes, only the Bic Techno can be sailed in the Techno 6.8m class.  


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