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RYA Racing Instructor Courses

About the course

The two-day course takes you through the Racing Instructor Coaching Manual, with its easy to use session plans. The course explains the Team15 philosophy and the aims of the programme. You will develop your own personal coaching skills through session delivery of grassroots racing skills, using the RYA Youth Windsurfing Logbook (W1) as guidance. 

In addition to the session plans, the coaching manual provides useful background information on a variety of topics relating to the Start Racing syllabus. These include:

  • Background to UK racing set up and opportunities for adults and children
  • The RYA competition pathway
  • The Team15 programme: what it is trying to achieve at all levels
  • RYA Schemes: how to use these within Team15 clubs and at a wider club level
  • Types of competition and the start procedure
  • Understanding wind shadows
  • Weather forecasting, tides and equipment choice
  • Equipment preparation
  • Health and nutrition
  • Starting
  • Speed
  • Turning techniques
  • Mark rounding


  • Minimum of Start Windsurfing Instructor
  • You must be in possession of a valid RYA Instructor Card to confirm your qualification is registered with the RYA. (If you have never received a card, please consult with the windsurfing trainer who ran your course)
  • You must have experience of running at least 2-3 Start Windsurfing Courses prior to booking on the course

How do I access a course?

Check this link to courses currently available. Please contact the course administrator for further information.

No suitable courses available?

If there are no courses in your area, then you could set up a new course based at your centre. The organising centre will need to ensure that all course costs (inc. venue and trainer fees) are covered by the candidate fees.

It is anticipated that you would need to have at least four people on the course for it to be viable, up to a maximum of eight. Candidates can be made up of instructors entirely from your own centre or from other centres.

To organise a course you will need to speak with RYA Training (email here or view phone number list) to gain a list of qualified Trainers who can run the course. You would then contact the Trainer to arrange a suitable date.

Once a date is set, call RYA Training to get the course added to the full list of courses to help with promotion.

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