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Do you like speed? Then why not start a speed league at your T15 club? Ask your T15 coach to set up a course for you all to have a go.

Who will be the fastest? If you are all having a go on the same day, it doesn't matter whether it is really windy or not - even in light winds somebody has to be the fastest! 

You could even make it a team event so that you combine the speed of say, the three people in your mini-team, and see whether this beats other mini-teams in your T15 club.

Your Team15 Coach will be able to set up a speed challenge that is fun, so if you are interested, ask them - your club could then link this into the Boards National Speed Ladder.

2015 Weymouth Speed Week

If you want to take a step further and speed is your thing, then you won't want to miss the world famous Weymouth Speed week held on Portland Harbour, the birthplace of speed sailing. 

Weymouth Speed Week is open to all types of craft, ages and ability running from Saturday 3rd October 2015 for 7 days.

The event is extremely popular attracting a real cross-section; young, old, first-timers to hardened old hands. It's the oldest running speed event on the planet with a mix of fun, good competition and social, encouraging people to come back year after year. 

Visit the event website for further information and to enter online, but be quick, places go fast.

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