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As an instructor, how can you develop your coaching skills so that you and your T15 members benefit from the experience? What other avenues should you explore?

Developing your coaching skills

To be or not to be? - you don't have to be a T15 coach to assist at a Team15 club, but it will help you understand what the Team15 programme is trying to achieve and provide ideas to implement at club sessions. The best course to achieve this information is the RYA Racing Instructor course.  

If you are already a Racing Instructor and have good personal competition experience in either windsurfing of dinghy sailing, then you should look to take the Level 2 Club Racing Coach Course (Windsurfing). This will help you deliver higher level competition training to your Team15 sailors and adult racers, and nurture the younger sailors towards the RYA Zone Squads.

As many of the Team15 club sessions will focus on generally improving the skill level of the young sailors, having higher level windsurfing instructor qualifications will increase the amount of skills training you can impart. If you are a Start Windsurfing Instructor then consider becoming an Intermediate Instructor; similarly, if you are already an Intermediate then why not go for your Advanced? It will help with your personal sailing too.

Succession planning

It is important to ensure that succession planning is in place. For instance, should the Senior Instructor (SI) leave, is there another SI to take their place to ensure that the centre remains RYA recognised and that the Team15 club can still operate? One way of ensuring that all your hard work in building up your Team15 club isn’t lost overnight is to become an SI yourself.

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