RYA Racing Books

We have a wide selection of print books and eBooks to support all levels of sail racing from the basic rules books to more detailed explanation of each rules, cutting edge interactive eBooks, case books, tactics and coaching.

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Why Choose RYA Rule Books

RYA rule books are the only publications available that contain the RYA's National Prescriptions which are variations to certain areas of the rules and essential for racing in UK waters.

The RYA Racing Books Range

The simplified summary list of our racing books below will give you an indication of our current range and the format in which they are available; the links will take you to more detailed descriptions on the books themselves. This will be updated as new books become available so if you're interested in RYA racing books then please register your email below.

Rules Books

Basic Rules The Full Racing Rules of Sailing Interactive & Integrated Racing Rules and Cases linking eBook Detailed Explanation of Rules
Other Racing Books
Starting to Race Solent Racing Tactics
Cruiser Racing
Case & Call Books
  • RYA Case Book RYAAC will be included as a free eBook and within the Interactive eBook in the World Sailing App.
  • The following will all be included as free eBooks and within the interactive Integrated eBook in the World Sailing App:
      • Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024
      • Equipment Rules of Sailing 2017-2020
      • World Sailing Case Book
      • World Sailing Q&As
      • Team Racing Call Book
      • Match Racing Call Book
      • Offshore Special Regulations
Race Training & Coaching (eBook only)

Free Rules Guidance Books

For more guidance and supporting information on the Racing Rules of Sailing themselves visit this dedicated area www.rya.org.uk/racingrules.