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Race Official Appointments

Appointments made by the Events Appointments Panel for RYA Events


Eric Twiname Championships, 5th to 7th May, Rutland

PRO Charlie Stowe
CRO David Wilkins
CRO  Martyn Emberson 
CRO Graham Louth
Jury Chair Sally Burnett
Jury  Bill Wyatt
Jury Bas Edmonds 
Jury Robert Morris
Jury Charles Perry

RYA RSX Youth Nationals, 13th to 15th April, WPNSA

CRO Paul Jackson
Jury Peter Johnson
Jury Charlie Watson
Jury  Malcolm Woolcock
Jury   Steve Procter

RYA Youth Nationals, 30th March to 6th April, Largs

PRO Ian Bullock
CRO Angela Gilmore
CRO John Readman
CRO Craig Evans 
Jury Chair Graham Louth 
Jury Jim Scott
Jury Alison Morrish
Jury  William Sudell 
Jury  Terrance Brownrigg
Jury  Liz Procter 

Olympic Classes Spring Series, 10th & 11th March, WPNSA

PRO Ian Bullock
CRO Chris Davies
Jury Charlie Watson

Olympic Classes Spring Series, 3rd  & 4th February, WPNSA

PRO Peter Saxton
CRO Chris Davies
CRO James Ripley
Jury Charlie Watson
Jury Bas Edmonds


Olympic Classes National Ranker, 4th & 5th November, WPNSA

PRO David Campbell James
CRO Jo Lucas
CRO Keith Sammons
Jury Charlie Watson
Jury William Bradburn

Eric Twiname Youth and Junior Team Racing, 14th & 15th October, Oxford

PRO/Youth CRO John Burgoine
Junior CRO Keith Sammons
Youth Starting Officer Phil Hagen
Junior Starting Officer Charles Hall-Thompson
Youth Course Manager Ian Dooley
Junior Course Manager Ali Moppett
Chief Umpire Niall McLeod
Jury Jon Napier
Youth Chief Umpire Greg Eaton
Junior Chief Umpire Chris Lindsay
Umpire Peter Johnson
Umpire David Taylor 
Umpire Paul Robson
Umpire Nick Rusbridge
Umpire Ed Fryer
Umpire Ant Davey
Umpire Matt Goodbourn
Umpire Nick Martindale
Umpire Tom Clay
Umpire Jon Haines
Umpire Ewan Rycroft
Umpire Carol Haines
Umpire Emily Robertson
Umpire Alison Morrish

Olympic Classes National Ranker, 30th Sept & 1st Oct, WPNSA (in conjunction with the 420 Class)

PRO David Campbell James
CRO; Tom Rusbridge
CRO Adrian Stoggall
Jury Charlie Watson
Jury William Bradburn

Olympic Classes Spring Series, 20th & 21st May, WPNSA

PRO/CRO Peter Saxton
Jury Charlie Watson

Eric Twiname Junior Championships, 6th & 7th May, Rutland

PRO Ian Bullock
CRO Peter Baldwin
CRO Keith Sammons
CRO Jo Lucas
Protest Committee Chair Sally Burnett
Protest Committee Ant Davey
 Protest Committee Craig Evans
Protest Committee Graeme Castle

RYA Youth National Championships, 7th - 14th April, HISC

PRO Tim Hancock
CRO David Kent
CRO; Charlie Stowe
CRO Mark Darling
CRO  Gill Smith
Protest Committee Chair Alan Baser
Protest Committee Andy Wibroe
Protest Committee Niall McLeod
Protest Committee Rob Taylor
Protest Committee Cordelia Procter
Protest Committee Greg Eaton

Olympic Classes Spring Series, 4th & 5th February

PRO Mike Haynes
CRO Phil Hagen
CRO Mike Johnson
Jury Charlie Watson


Sailing World Cup, 6th - 12th June, WPNSA

Local PRO (shore)  David Campbell James
 Local PRO (water)  Tim Hancock
 ESO  Alun Morgan
 CRO  Charli Hadden
 CRO  Paul Jackson
 CRO  Mike Haynes
 CRO  Ian Bullock
 CRO  Robin Gray
 Jury  Peter Johnson
 Jury  Alan Baser
 Jury  Niall McLeod
 Jury  Andy Wibroe
 Umpire  Greg Eaton
 Umpire  Paul Robson

Eric Twiname Championships, 7th - 8th May, Rutland Sailing Club

PRO  Chris Hadden
ESO  Dick Richardson
CRO  Nigel Vick
CRO  Tom Rusbridge
CRO  Kate Bird
Jury Chair  Roger Wilson
Jury  Jack Fenwick
Jury  Ant Davey
Jury  Graham Bantock

Olympic Classes Spring Series, 9th - 10th April, WPNSA

 PRO  Chris Hadden
 CRO  Jo Lucas
 Jury  Charlie Watson

RYA Youth Nationals, 2nd - 8th April, Plas Heli

 PRO  David Campbell James
 ESO  John Horwell
 CRO  Graham Louth
 CRO  Peter Baldwin
 CRO  Charlie Stowe
 CRO  Chris Hoppins
 Jury Chair  Chris Atkins
 Jury  Ewan McEwan
 Jury  David Battye
 Jury  Steve Watson
 Jury  Alex Davis
 Jury  Greg Eaton

Olympic Classes Spring Series, 12th - 13th March, WPNSA

 PRO  Chris Hadden
 CRO  Peter Saxton

 Charli Hadden

 Jury  Chris Watts

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