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British Keelboat League

What is the British Keelboat League?

An interclub competition in supplied one design keelboats with qualifiers across the UK culminating in a final in London in September

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2020 Events - coming soon

Event Date Venue Boats Crew numbers Entry Fee
Qualifier 1 TBC TBC TBC TBC  £330
Qualifier 2 TBC


TBC TBC £330
Qualifier 3 TBC


TBC TBC £330
Qualifier 4 TBC TBC TBC TBC £330
Qualifier 5  Youths (U25) TBC TBC TBC TBC £330
Qualifier 6  TBC


TBC TBC £330
 Qualifier 7  TBC TBC TBC TBC £330
Finals  TBC September  TBC TBC TBC  £490

Tell me more about the racing?

Each event consists of about 25 short (12-15 minute) races. Teams will do around 12 races each so there is plenty of time to watch how the others do it.

Who is it aimed at?

The BKL is open to teams from any club or association affiliated to the RYA. Competitors range from inland club sailors getting together to try something different to Olympic sailors trying something different and everyone in between.

How do I get involved?

Teams represent their club. This can be through a selection process, simply by getting some mates together and asking if you can enter for your club, or any other way the club wishes.

Can my club enter more than one qualifier? 

Yes, clubs may enter more than one event. Priority will be given clubs who are local or who have not already competed or qualified in previous qualifiers.

Can my club get more than one place in the final?

Yes, clubs may earn more than one place in the final through the qualification series.

Do I have to race with the same crew at different events?

No, unlike "normal" events, it is the club that qualifies, not the individuals. If you are not able to make it then your club should still send and team and you should be proud that you earned them that place.

Can we bring our support team?

Yes, friends and guests are more than welcome at the events. Racing is usually close to the shore so it can be seen and there may be opportunities to get afloat although these would be agreed with the host clubs.

I like the format but don't want to sail, can I help?

Yes, we are always looking for people to help support events. If you fancy trying a bit of umpiring, mark laying or helping on the committee boat please email

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