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Yacht & Keelboat Racing Group

The Yacht & Keelboat Racing Group (YKRG) area of responsibility is offshore racing yachts, open keelboats, coastal and offshore multi-hulls, solo and shorthanded racing. It does not cover dinghies and inshore multihulls.


  1. To provide, at national level, administration, guidance and co-ordination. To promote racing at all levels.
  2. To provide a link between the RYA and:     
    1. National government organisations
    2. International sailing bodies
    3. All other bodies interested in all forms of racing.
  3. To communicate information, as appropriate, to clubs classes and sailors.    

The Group consists of the following members:  

  • Stacey Clark (Chair)
  • Jack Fenwick (RYA)
  • James Dadd
  • Theo Hoole           
  • Alan Roberts
  • Jeremy Smart
  • Emma Westmacott
  • Annie Lush
  • Stuart Quarrie (Corresponding)

  To contact the group, please e-mail

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