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The RYA approves Measurers for both International and National Classes, as well as training and approving RYA Sail Measurers.

In the UK the RYA requires all National class boats and boats of many International classes to hold an RYA issued Measurement Certificate or one issued by a Class Association to which the RYA has delegated its Certification Authority.

To obtain a Measurement or Rating Certificate necessitates a new or rebuilt boat being subjected to measurement as required by the class rules. This is normally carried out by a qualified Measurer with the necessary authority to undertake measurement for the class concerned. In each case the initial Measurement or Rating Certificate will only be issued upon submission of a valid measurement form satisfactorily completed by an authorised Measurer. The authorities of RYA Measurers are set out below.

RYA Approved Class Measurers
Contact details for RYA Approved Class measurers for both International and National classes, current at February 2018, are available in the downloads to the right. Each is approved as either a Full Measurer or a Maintenance Measurer. Unless otherwise stated Full (F) Measurers may carry out measurement of hulls, spars, foils, sails and equipment, weighing and buoyancy tests; Maintenance (M) Measurers may carry out measurement of sails and, when approved by their class association, spars, foils, equipment and annual buoyancy tests.

RYA Sail Measurers
RYA Sail Measurers are authorised to measure the sails of those classes that have adopted the World Sailing Sail Measurement Rules and, with the agreement of the RYA, have extended sail measurement authority to RYA Sail Measurers. A list of RYA Sail Measurers, as of December 2017, is available in the downloads column to the right. A list of those Classes (both National and International classes) that permit measurement and certification by an RYA Sail Measurer is also available as part of this download.

Measurers Insurance
All RYA Approved Class Measurers and RYA Sail Measurers, whilst undertaking measurement on classes for which they are approved, are covered by third party and professional indemnity insurance. This is provided by the RYA free of charge provided that the measurer remains a full personal member of the RYA. For further details on the insurance cover provided, please email  

Measurers Authorities
It is important that only RYA Approved Class Measurers and RYA Sail Measurers undertake the appropriate measurement and sign the measurement form or sails etc. Measurement by an unauthorised person will result in refusal of certification or the withdrawal of an existing certificate or existing endorsement.

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