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Measurer Insurance

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All RYA Approved Class Measurers and RYA Sail Measurers, whilst undertaking measurement on classes for which they are approved, are covered by third party and professional indemnity insurance. This is provided by the RYA free of charge provided that the measurer remains a full personal member of the RYA and a current signed declaration has been received by the RYA. The insurance is a 'contingent liability insurance' designed to operate when there is no other valid insurance policy in force. For further details on the insurance cover provided, please email  

A summary of the cover available can be downloaded from the link on the right side of this page.  However, neither that download nor the summary here should be taken as the wording of the policy or the cover it contains.

If you need a copy of the full policy wording please contact the RYA Technical Team on 02380 604200 or email Claims should also be reported to the RYA Technical Team and it is recommended that all incidents which could give rise to the claim are also reported.

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