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    The Eighteen is a traditional design which has been greatly modernised over the course of its life. Originally a clinker built wooden design, firs built in 1938, it has developed into a much lighter and more standard hull shape with the introduction of GRP hulls from 1969 to an Ian Proctor design, and from 2014 with the adoption of a Phil Morrison design. The latest Eighteen is a performance one design with a three person crew and a single trapeze.

    The Eighteen was adopted by the RYA as a National Class in 1952. The Class embraces all generations of Eighteen, and provides racing for all at the annual National Championships.

    National Eighteen 

    National Eighteen stats

    Connect with the class

    National 18 Class website

    Facebook page

    National 18 designer Uffa Fox (1938 - wood)
    Ian Proctor (1968 - GRP)
    Phil Morrison (2014 - foam sandwich)
    Hull material Wood, GRP, foam sandwich
    Length 5.49m 
    Beam 2.36m
    Number of crew 3
    Sail area 22.5m sq (main and jib), 21m sq (spinnaker) 
    Rig Bermudan rig with single trapeze, mainsail, headsail and symmetric spinnaker
    Class status RYA National Class, adopted in 1952

    National 18 Class contacts

    President: Colin Chapman

    Class Secretary: Claire Laurie

    Technical Officer: Colin Chapman

    Rules & Measurement

    Current Class Rules

    Measurement Form - Classic

    Measurement Form - Morrison

    How to obtain a Measurement Certificate

    Find a Measurer

    National Eighteen racing 

    National 18 National Champions

    2018 West Mersea YC Ultra Fleet: Tom Crosbie, Chloe & Patrick Crosbie (N18 417). Classic Fleet: Antony Ellis, Stuart Brew & Nickolas Ellis (N18 303) 

    2017 Hayling Island SC Ultra Fleet: Nick Walsh, Ed Rice & Rob Brownlow (N18 405). Classic Fleet: Tom Reid, Nick Philips & Richard Stirrup (N18 133)

    2016 Royal Findhorn YC Ultra Fleet: E Barry, S Browne & D Barrett (N18 414). Ultimate Fleet: H Myles, C Brebner & J Karran (N18 319)

    2015 Royal Cork YC Ultra Fleet: Colin Chapman (N18 404). Ultimate Fleet: Ewen Barry (N18 362). Classic Fleet: Colman Garvey (N18 233)

    2014 South Caernarvonshire YC Ultimate Fleet: Ewen Barry, Stanley Browne & Dion Barrett (N18 362). Classic Fleet: Colman Garvey, Roy Darrer & Ross Levis (N18 233)

    2013 Hayling Island SC Ultimate Fleet: Tom Dwyer, Peter Hassett & Willie Healey (N18 347). Classic Fleet: Colman Garvey, Roy Darrer & Brian Henegham (N18 233) 

    2012 Royal Findhorn YC Ultimate Fleet: Ewen Barry (N18 362). Classic Fleet: Colman Garvey (N18 233)

    2011 Royal Cork YC Ultimate Fleet: Colin Chapman (N18 370). Classic Fleet: Colman Garvey (N18 233)

    2010 Isle of Man YC Ultimate Fleet: Antony Ellis (N18 303)

    2009 Tamesis SC (sailed at Portland) Ultimate Fleet: Colin Chapman (N18 370)

    2008 Royal Findhorn YC Ultimate Fleet: Colin Chapman (N18 370)

    National 18 builder

    White Formula UK. Tel: 01206 302724. Website: Email:

    National Eighteen 

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