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RYA Central Race Officials' Committees

Race Management Committee Members

The Race Management Committee is tasked by the RYA to provide sufficient Race Officers for the needs of UK racing.  They are to be appropriately qualified, kept up to date and operate in line with the developments of the sport and World Sailing practices.  The Committee also communicates with Race Officers, Class Associations and Clubs on all race management matters.


Race Management Committee can be contacted through the Race Officials Development Officer

Jacqui Roberts  02380 604161 or 07766 136610

Ian Bullock - Chair
Paul Jackson
Robin Gray
Tanya Robinson
Andrew Winstanley 
 Mike Butterfield
 Neil Andrew


Judging and Umpiring Committee Members

The Judging and Umpiring Committee has a responsibility to establish recognised standards and qualifications in Judging and Umpiring.  It is to provide the sport with sufficient officials such that the sport can be as fair as possible for those competing and that disputes are managed professionally and appropriately for the event involved.

Judging & Umpiring Committee can be contacted through the Race Officials Development Officer 

Jacqui Roberts  02380 604161 or 07766 136610

Jon Napier - Chair
Chris Atkins
Callum Bright
Chris Lindsay
Graham Louth
Nick Rusbridge
 Paul Robson


Racing Rules Committee Members

 Racing Rules Committee members. For good reason their contact details are not given but they can be contacted through Niall McLeod, Racing Rules Manager.

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