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National Conferences

The National Race Officials Conference was held at Wyboston Lakes Conference Centre on the 11th & 12th February 2017. 

National Conferences for all Race Officials are generally held every other year, alternating with the Regional Conferences.  They are organised by the RYA.

Attendance at a Conference (or Seminar), once every four years, is a requirement for re-appointment of Regional and National qualifications. 

Presentations made at the Race Officials Conference at Wyboston 2017 are listed below

Presentation Given by

 Introduction from RYA & the Chairs

 - Main stage

Carla Stanley, Peter Johnson, Chris Hadden, Andy Wibroe and Dick Batt 
Learning from the Olympics, through the eye of a Race Official Alan Baser, Adrian Stoggall, Sally Burnett, John Doerr & Chris Henderson
Process of progressing up the J&U pathway Graham Louth
Working with Coaches

 James Hadden

Handicap Racing - what it can do for your club Tom Walker
Getting feedback/ Measuring Performance David Mellor
 Match Racing  Chris Simon
 Volunteering Olivia Risk
 A Technically evolving Equipment based sport - Main stage  Bas Edmonds

Appeal Cases

Peter Johnson 
One Club, many Classes   John Fothergill
Boards - Changes to the Rules Mike Short
Focus on Junior Racing Tom Rusbridge & Charli Hadden
Safeguarding & Equality  Jackie Reid
Misconduct - Main stage  John Doerr & Jon Napier
British Keelboat League Jack Fenwick
Discretionary penalties and writing decisions  Jon Napier
The relevance of Race Officer credentials  Chris Hadden
Technology for Club Racing SSA
Racing around Waypoints Mike Short
 Mentoring - Main stage           Peter Saxton, Andy Wibroe & Tom Rusbridge
Team Racing - Changes to the Rules  Richard Thompson
Technology to help Clubs  SSA
 Umpired Fleet Racing  Alan Baser
 The Racing Rules App  Steen Ingerslev
 Women in Sport  Nikki Stewart, Ella Stoggall & Charli Hadden
 Weather  Gordon Hutchinson
 Saskia Clarks journey - Main stage  Saskia Clark

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