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Race Officials Guidance


RYA Race Officials Performance - RYA Internal Procedures

These Guidelines are published in dealing with complaints received concerning the conduct and competence of RYA-certified Race Officials. 

Race Management Guide

 Best practice and aide memoire for race officers.

GDPR Guidance for Race Officials

Championship Results

Guidance on delivering a high-quality results service at championship events.

Club Notice of Race 

The Notice of Race (NoR) is a requirement of the RRS and exists to set out the conditions under which the racing will be run.  It allows a competitor to decide whether they wish to participate or not, and to understand (and therefore plan) the general structure of the racing.

GBR Expatriates

RYA Race Officials qualifications for expatriates

Gate Marks

Guidance on the use of gate marks.

Gate Starts

Guidance on how to operate a gate start.

Information for Observers at Hearings

Guidance for the protest committee about, and information for, observers at protest hearings.

Information to Competitors from the Protest Committee

Suggested texts that the protest committee may want to post for competitors at an event.

Judging and Umpiring

Best practice for judges and umpires at events of varying levels and importance.

Photography at Events

Guidelines for RYA race officials on taking and publishing images of competitors at events.

Race Officials Sabbaticals

The RYA Race Officials Committees (JUC, RMC and TOG) operate a mechanism to retain and reintroduce well proven people back into their various roles following life-changing events, via their respective Sub Committee. This Guidance note is intended to summarise those procedures.

Race Officials Code of Conduct

Guidance on expected levels of behaviour and practice for RYA race officials during events

Speed Charts

On the area for Race Officials on the RYA website are a number of spreadsheets to aid Race Officers and Mark Layers in setting course size to achieve an agreed race "Target Time". Initially created to cover the Olympic Classes during the lead in to the 2012 Olympics, these have been regularly updated over the years to revise the data and more recently expanded include the Current Olympic Classes.




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