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The RYA decides appeals against protest committee decisions arising from events in the UK. Anyone considering an appeal is advised to study rule 70 and the RYA Prescriptions to rules R2.1 and R2.4 (page 190 in RYA publication YR1/17).

For additional information on the appeal process, see the guidance note ‘Appeals and Requests for Confirmation or Correction’ in the RYA Racing Rules Guidance Book.

Appeals against Protest Committee Decisions

Appeals from events in the UK must be submitted to the RYA in accordance with rule 70 and appendix R, including the RYA Prescription to rule R2.1 and R2.4.

Appeals are decided by the RYA Racing Rules Committee. Typically, it takes about 3 months for a decision to be made after from the time the appeal is submitted.

Appeal decisions are often delayed because insufficient information is provided. It is important that protest committees clearly state the facts they have found and the conclusions they have drawn from those facts. When the appeal concerns an infringement of a rule of Part 2 it will invariably be necessary for the protest committee either to draw its own diagram of the incident or to endorse the diagram of one of the parties to the hearing.

Appeals are decided solely on written submissions. The process is set out in Appendix R. Appellants should note that the RYA is required to accept the protest committee's finding of facts.

Appeals may be submitted via an electronic form, which is the preferred option and can be accessed below. Alternatively a word or PDF form can be downloaded from the Racing Rules Downloads page.

Other Appeals

A protest committee may request confirmation or correction of its decision. Having established the facts, the protest committee may refer its decision when it is unclear about its interpretation of the rules.

A club or other affiliated organisation may request an interpretation of the rules, provided that no protest or request for redress that may be appealed is involved. This is appropriate when a formal answer is required. Otherwise it may be preferable to use the Advisory Service.

RYA Case Book

RYA Cases are selected from the appeal cases and are intended to enhance or clarify understanding of the rules. The RYA Case Book for 2017-2020 is available to download.

The RYA Case Book for 2017-2020 is available to download in pdf format; it is also available as an RYA eBook and in the World Sailing rules app.


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