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Racing Rules Committee


The RYA appoints the Racing Rules Committee whose task is (a) To interpret and apply the RRS in the UK (b) To establish the RYA Prescriptions to the RRS (c) To decide appeals concerning the interpretation and application of the RRS  

In addition the committee publishes guidance notes to aid understanding of the RRS and selected appeal cases. It also prepares submissions to World Sailing for changes to the RRS and provides an advisory service. The members are:

  • Peter Johnson (Chair) 
  • Richard Thompson (Vice Chair)
  • Greg Eaton
  • Carol Haines  
  • Chris Lindsay
  • Jon Napier
  • Liz Procter
  • Mark Rushall
  • Michael Short    
  • Chris Simon 
  • Niall McLeod (Racing Rules Manager)

To contact the Committee email  

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