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General Guidance

The following documents of general guidance are contained in the Racing Rules Guidance book.


An explanation of who may choose advertising for a boat, sailboard or clothing at an event; how class rules, rating systems and handicapping systems may vary advertising rules, and the reservations for advertising by event sponsors.

Appeals and Requests for Confirmation or Correction

Questions and answers about the appeals and requests processes. Includes the RYA Appeal Form.

The RYA Appeal Form is also available as a download.

Boats with Limited Visibility

Addressed primarily to boats with asymmetric spinnakers, the paper explains the obligations of such boats and of other boats sailing in the vicinity.

Changes to the Racing Rules (January 2017)

The main changes to the Racing Rules of Sailing that were effective from January 2017.

Outside Help

Emphasises that everyone is required to give help to any person or boat that may be in danger, and that the recipient of such help does not necessarily break racing rule 41 which limits the help a boat may receive.

Racing Under the IRPCAS.

Guidance about racing under the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCAS), the effect of Traffic Separation Schemes on race management and competitors, and the differences between the racing rules and the IRPCAS.


Guidance about what and when redress can and cannot be given. 

Small Boat Safety Regulations

Safety regulations for dinghies and small keelboats, including the standard for trapeze harnesses.  

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