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Race Officials Guidance

Discretionary Penalties

Guidance on discretionary penalties which are becoming increasingly common for some rule breaches.

Environmental Responsibility and Trash Disposal

Guidance on the Basic Principle, Environmental Responsibility, and rule 55, Trash Disposal, both new in 2013. Includes the RYA recommendation that rule 55 is made subject to discretionary penalties.

IRC Rating Protests

Guidance on protests concerning alleged breaches of IRC measurement rules (should be read in conjunction with the RYA guidance on Measurement Protests below).

Measurement Protests

Guidance on protests concerning alleged breaches of measurement rules. It does not directly address protests concerning other aspects of class rules, although some of the principles are applicable to such protests.

Permitting Use of an Engine

Options for, and limits on, sailing instructions allowing the use of an engine for propulsion.

Protecting Boats Before the Start

Methods and penalties to inhibit interference by boats that are not racing with boats that are in their starting sequence.

Protecting Committee Boats

The paper explains the correct methods for race managers to protect their own and borrowed boats used as committee boats.

 Recommendations for Protest Committees

Extended guidance on Appendix M regarding protest committee procedure with examples of appropriate actions in described circumstances.

Restricting Protests or Requests for Redress by Boat

Guidance on the limited number of circumstances where it is good practice to restrict protests by boats. Restriction of requests for redress by boats is not recommended.

Risk Statement

Guidance on a 'Risk Statement' recommended by the RYA to replace a 'Disclaimer of Liability' in Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions.  The recommendation can be found in RRS Appendix J, Addendum A (RYA), on page 115 of the RYA edition of the Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016.

Addendum A (RYA) is also available as an individual download


The text of Appendix A, Scoring, together with guidance and detailed explanations of the scoring rules and examples of their application.

Starting Penalties

Describes alternatives to returning to start correctly for boats that are over the starting line at the starting signal (OCS). 


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