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RYA Rules Disputes Procedures

Hearing Decision Form

An electronic form for protest committees, and arbitrators under the RYA Rules Disputes procedures, to record the proceedings and decisions of a hearing (replaces page 2 of the RYA Protest Form).

Available to download

RYA Protest Form

For protests and for requests for redress, including arbitration under the RYA Rules Disputes procedures.

Also available as an individual download, which can be customised to local requirements

Rules Disputes

About the use of the exoneration penalty, advisory hearings and RYA arbitration. 

Available to download

For further information on the rules disputes process

 Rules Disputes Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions that arise when advisory hearings or arbitration are adopted. Available to download.


Rules Disputes Poster

A diagrammatic guide to the RYA Rules Disputes process.

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