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RS Feva XL

Generally the RYA policy is to run training weekends whatever the weather given the coaches have plenty of material to cover if it is unsuitable to go afloat. Should we cancel a weekend it is quite possible that we will be unable to re-schedule due to the logistics of reorganising weekends . (Clubs, sailors, coaches, Class calendars and RIBS etc.) .

Quick Reference - information for the next training weekend



Coach - Jake Elsbury

17/18  April Itchenor SC Training going ahead as scheduled as 29/3/2021

 South West

Coach - Tim Cross

17/18  April Exe SC Training going ahead as scheduled -29/03/2021


Coach - Graeme Rowe

16/17/18 April Ullswater YC Training going ahead as scheduled -29/03/2021


Coach - Tim Rush


RS Feva XL Regional Training Group Dates 2020/21- DRAFT


Weekend 1   28/29 November Burghfield SC - training postponed
 Weekend 2  19/20 December HISC
 Weekend 3  30/31 January WPNSA- training postponed
 Weekend 4  20/21 February Warsash SC- training postponed
 Weekend 1 re-booked 6/7 March Royal Lymington YC- training postponed
 Weekend 5  20/21 March tbc
 Weekend 6 17/18 April  Itchenor SC
 Weekend re-booked  1/2/3 May  Royal Lymington YC
 Weekend re-booked  5/6 June  Burghfield
 Weekend re-booked  19/20 June  Royal Lymington YC

Weekend 1  5/6 December  venue changed to BCYC
 Weekend 2 9/10 January  BCYC- training postponed
 Weekend 3  30/31 January WPNSA- training postponed
 Weekend 4  20/21 February St Mawes- training postponed
 Weekend 5 20/21 March  tbc
 Weekend 6  17/18 April Exe SC
 Weekend re-booked 1/2/3 May WPNSA
 Weekend re-booked  5/6 June  BCYC
 Weekend re-booked  19/20 June  St Mawes


 Weekend 1 28/29 November Roa Island Boat Club - training postponed
 Weekend 2 12/13 December Tees and Hartlepool
 Weekend 3 30/31 January tbc- training postponed
 Weekend 4 20/21 February Leigh & Lowton SC- training postponed
 Weekend 5 20/21 March South Shields SC
 Weekend 6 16/17/18 April Ullswater
  Weekend re-booked 1/2/3 May  Roa Island Boat Club 
  Weekend re-booked 5/6 June  tbc

 Weekend 1 7/8 November Draycote SC - training postponed
 Weekend 2 14/15 November Draycote SC - training postponed
 Weekend 3 5/6 December Draycote SC
 Weekend 1 re-booked 29/30 December Draycote SC
 Weekend 4 16/17 January Rutland SC- training postponed
 Weekend 5 20/21 February Notts County SC- training postponed
 Weekend re-booked 1/2/3 May Draycote
  Weekend re-booked 22/23 May  Rutland
  Weekend re-booked  12/13 June Pwllheli

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