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The Boat

Nacra 17 - Mixed multihull

The Nacra 17 is a brand new boat for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and is the only mixed class. Each boat must race with one man and one woman. The Nacra 17 is a twin trapeze boat with an asymmetric spinnaker, it’s an agile high speed machine giving both sailors and spectators a spectacular close racing fleet. The boats can be seen flying through the water on just one hull as the curved foils lift the boat up. 

The boat requires the crew to be stronger and fitter than the helm dealing with heavy loads and extreme bursts of power throughout the race. If the boats hit a wave wrong the front digs in leading to a spectacular capsize. Designed specifically for Rio 2016 the Nacra is one of the hardest to control and technically difficult classes to race. 

Nacra 17 - Stats

 Length  5.25m                                          
 Hulls  2
 Weight  142kg 
 Year  2011
 Type  Multihull
 Crew  2
 Designer  Morrelli & Melvin / Nacra 

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