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Regional Fleets

RYA East operates training fleets of Optimists, Toppers, RS Teras, and 2000s (formerly Laser 2000); each fleet is 'ready-to-go' on a custom trailer. They are available for clubs and recognised training establishments to use in training of both young and adult would-be sailors. We charge a flat rate of £60 (inclusive of VAT) per fleet per day, giving leeway for non-usage transfer days if possible, which is enough to cover maintenance bills and help towards replacing ageing fleets. Nevertheless, a ‘Returnable Deposit’ of £250 per fleet-booking is required; this is more to focus minds on applying appropriate TLC rather than being punitive. Photographs taken at earliest opportunity, before use, of any defects and sent without delay to the Fleets Manager, would be invaluable.

Fleets are based centrally in the RYA Eastern Region at Birch Hall Adventures near Frinton-on-Sea. Each fleet comes on its own road trailer and except for the Optimist fleet, also with launching trolleys. The boats are complete with sails, spars, foils and rigging. Insurance is covered centrally by RYA. For road trailing users must provide their own lighting board possibly with an extension cable (2000-fleet) and for sailing, appropriate Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs).

Please note: These fleets should only be used under the supervision of a qualified RYA Instructor; however any request for use outside of this MUST be personally vetted by the Fleet Manager.

The following Fleets are available:


Topper: 1 fleet of 4 boats

Optimist: 1 fleet of 6 boats

RS Tera: 2 fleets of 3 boats

2000: 1 fleet of 2 boats


Fleet Hire Booking

Fleet Hire bookings are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

To enquire about availability and to book a fleet make contact with the Eastern Region Fleet Hire Manager:

Alex Phillips: or phone 07806 702482.

As a minimum the following information is required:

  • Your name 
  • Your normal valid e-mail address
  • Your normal day time phone number
  • Organisation/Club
  • Your Postal address, including postcode
  • The fleets you wish to hire and dates

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