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One of Sailing's Best Kept Secrets.Crusing Image - sunset

While cruising clubs are prevalent around the coast, as you move inland a big boat sailors interests are confined to jumping in the car at weekends and heading seawards, right? Believe it or not, no!

Cruising clubs are actually everywhere, and play a huge role in getting more people yachting, wherever they live in the Midlands. Some are, or have excellent relationships with, RYA Training Centres to offer access to a range of practical and theory training courses so you can keep learning even when you’re not on the water.

Typically, cruising clubs will arrange a programme of trips for members as well as facilitating crew finding for boat owning members. Activities can vary from weekend charters, cross Channel trips to the French coast, meandering around the Greek Islands, cruising to the Baltic and even going long-haul to the Caribbean. Some clubs also take part in racing events such as the annual Round the Island Race.

Strong speaker and social programmes are a key part of the cruising club social life too.

Such prominent maritime figures as Chay Blyth, and Tom Cunliffe are amongst those to have graced the our Midlands cruising clubs in recent years.

Clubs also invite other experts from the marine industry to talk about practical subjects, such as electronic navigation, and meteorology and also welcome individuals to share their sailing experiences.

If this floats your boat (please excuse the pun) then Contact Us and find your regional cruising representative who will be able to identify the club nearest to you and provide a welcoming introduction.

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