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Get more coaches in your club

Topper Racing It's easy to set up a L2 Race Coach Course at your club - this is how

We all know the theory - racing is a proven way to keep people involved in your club and the sport.

But there is a difference between simply racing and good quality, competitive racing and coaching plays a massive part in that.

The RYA's Level 2 Race Coach course helps good club racers at your club learn the skills to not only help develop racing for your members (youths and adults) but also potentially set keen coaches out on a pathway that could lead to regional and national opportunities too.

And the best thing is a course can be organised right on your doorstep.

Run over two days the course is known for being really fun and practical, and is delivered in the Midlands by Bruce Bonar.

It's a really time efficient way to upskill competent sailors and coaches and this is all that is needed to get a course on...

  • Five or six members interested in getting an RYA coaching certificate
  • Six boats (singlehanded Topper, Laser or similar are preferable) one Safety Boat and a classroom
  • Nominate two consecutive dates (with a couple of alternative dates useful too)
  • The course costs £125 p.p but coaching bursaries are often available from County Sports Partnerships and/or other sources while some clubs have arrangements to fund coaches in return for commitment to deliver a number of sessions etc.

Midlands High Performance Manager, Chris Blackburn, is your man to get a course on and he has this advice...

"We get a lot of individual demand for this course but it works brilliantly when we can get one on at a club and do a handful of members at the same time. The camaraderie is always great and it is just a really fun but informative couple of days.

"There is no formal assessment, the course tutor will just assess as the course progresses and let you know if you've done enough to get the certificate at the end of the course. 

"It isn't about passing or failing, it's about nurturing confident, knowledgable coaches so if you don't get the certificate at the end of the two days your tutor will come up with an action plan for you to work on a specific area(s) and then come back to review.  

"February/March time is an ideal time to run a course, as it upskills and enthuses some new potential race coaches for your season ahead, while being able to run the course when club resources such as boats/classroom/safetyboat are less in demand."

Level 2 Racing Coach Courses can be run for Dinghy, Keelboat and Windsurf and open to anyone aged 16 and over (Level 2 coaches under 18 should be appropriately supervised by an adult who is either a Senior Instructor or a Racing Coach Level 2 or above).

Once certified they will be able to deliver and award Start, Intermediate and Advanced Racing where appropriate, working at affiliated clubs or recognised training centres.

Click here for the full criteria for the RYA Level 2 Race Coach course or for more information or to book a course at your club contact Chris Blackburn here.

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