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Gareth's Gossip - June 2016

GarethPush The Boat Out review and more

Hi everyone!

Well what can we say? Thank you for helping to make Push The Boat Out another success this year.

It's still early days but we've had some really positive responses from clubs reporting good turnouts for their events, both anecdotally to myself and the regional team but also through the RYA's official PTBO survey.

This survey closes on June 20 so if you haven't completed it yet you can do so by clicking on this link - PTBO survey 

Your feedback will play a key role in helping us identify what worked and what didn't across the country so that we can keep evolving Push The Boat Out to make sailing more appealing and accessible to more people.

Also clubs and centres who complete the feedback questionnaire by 1200 on the 20 June will be entered into a draw to select one venue to will receive £250 to put towards a social event for all those involved in PTBO and to welcome your new members or customers. The winner will be announced in the July edition of Clubroom, along with the dates for PTBO in 2017.

In total 78 events were run at 51 venues across the Midlands, a best ever for the region. 

Myself, Peter and Patricia got around 17 events between us over both weekends, met some MPs, did some interviews, but most importantly got the chance to see what was happening on the ground.

It sounds obvious but the busiest events were those that were really promoted well by the clubs as well as by the Midlands team.

Also a really important lesson was learned with regards to the weather. Generally the weather played ball but we know of a number of clubs who's events were held on the second Saturday that seriously debated cancelling them or running shore-based activities.

I'm sure Draycote Water won't mind me saying they were one club that considered changing their plans but they kept things fluid and ended up getting more than 150 people out on the water either sailing or windsurfing. It was definitely an important lesson for next year.

We will know more about just how successful this year's PTBO has been once some of the survey data starts coming back to us, but the general feeling, just talking to clubs about course sales and membership uptakes, it that all the effort was worthwhile so thanks!

Don't Forget...

There's still time to get your juniors signed up for this year's Honda RYA Youth RIB area finals at Burton SC on Saturday July 16. 

The Midlands have dominated the Honda RYA Youth RIB Championships over the past two years, with two Midlands clubs winning a brand new RIB and engine thanks to the success of their young drivers at the national finals. Who couldn't use a new RIB??

If you missed this article last month give it a read now before you rule out your club entering - Getting Revved Up For Honda Youth RIB - you might be pleasantly surprised just how easy and worthwhile it is. 

RYA takes steps to reinstate sailing and windsurfing in GCSE PE 

The Department for Education’s decision to review the GCSE PE activity list in the autumn of 2018. 

This is great news for sailing and windsurfing and the RYA will continue to lobby for the sports to be reinstated on the activity list after they were initially removed in 2014.

Of course this could ultimately impact on our Midlands clubs as delivery providers for school groups in the future. But beyond that it is simply a chance to get sailing back on the formal education agenda as a sport that can benefit young people in so many different ways.

Read the full story here - RYA takes steps to reinstate sailing and windsurfing in GCSE PE 

Taking to the seas this summer?

It's just worth flagging up the new RYA SafeTrx app features that are being launched for this summer.

The RYA SafeTrx tracking and alert system is an iPhone and Android smartphone app that is easily accessible and simple to use as a useful safety backup, particularly helpful for those on the many small craft that do not have the ability to fit or carry standard GMDSS equipment such as RIBs, PWCs, dinghies, boards, canoes and kayaks.

You can get the full details here - New and improved RYA SafeTrx 2016 coming soon - and it's definitely worth taking five minutes just to take a look.

Stop Press

Last month I mentioned how we would be out in force at The Sports Show at the NEC, so we were disappointed when we learned just a few days later that the event had been cancelled this year! The event has been rescheduled for June 2017.

Have a great month everyone!


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