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Junior Sailing Beyond The Club

Charlotte Following our article on regional series boosting junior club sailing, here is a parent's eye view of life as a Traveller

In April's Midlands newsletter we looked at how and why getting your club's junior sailors involved in regional race training and series could bring big benefits to your club. In case you missed it you can read that article here - Why Regional Race Training Can Boost Junior Club Sailing 

Now a parent of a young Topper sailor at Rudyard Lake SC has written an awesome blog on their club website about what taking part in a local Traveller Series actually entails for the sailors and mums and dads - Junior Sailing Beyond Rudyard.

Chris Mayers's daughter Charlotte only got into sailing and joined Rudyard Lake through attending the club's Open Day three years ago, but last summer she attended her first regional Topper event.

In the blog Chris reveals: "To be honest we did feel out of our depth as had never sailed a Topper or sailed in a race before and we needed all the help we could get. 

"But the community is extremely good at making you feel welcome and included, there is always someone willing to help, whether it is to show you how to improve the way you have rigged the boat or to explain the rules of the event.

"Once you get into the circuit community, you do tend to see the same families at each event, it opens up another world of training opportunities. 

All the junior sailors and parents we had the pleasure to meet in our time on the circuit were having a great time so why not give it a go?"

Beric Dawson, Rudyard Lake's Jybaz junior sailing lead, adds: "The chance to take part in Traveller Series' is part of our youth development strategy to allow more experienced sailors to develop their racing skills as well as becoming instructors and helping others develop." 

If your club is thinking about helping your young sailors get on the road more then Chris' blog is definitely one to read for parents :)

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