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Making Use Of The Regional Fleets in 2016

Young Boaters New system to make it easier to use Midlands fleets to expand training activities

How does having an extra fleet of Oppies, Toppers or Vagos for the summer sound? 

Perhaps you want to engage with a local school or community group to build membership, or want to give your members the chance to extend their sailing and introduce a high performance element, but needed some suitable boats?

If this sounds like you, we are inviting all our clubs in the region to host our regional fleets this year. 

What that means for you is that you can use the fleet you host whenever you need to boost your activities, while when the boats are not scheduled for use by you, other clubs within the region are able to borrow them too. The host clubs will be expected to check the fleets in and out. 

The Midlands region has two fleets of six Toppers and two fleets of six Oppies plus two Vagos - all fleets have their own trailers for the appropriate number of boats.

Last year Banbury SC and Himley Hall SC did an excellent job of looking after a couple of the fleets and you can read all about the benefits Banbury found by clicking on the See Also link to the right.

But we are keen for the fleets to be moved around the region and are now inviting clubs to submit a proposal as to why they should host them for the next 12 months.

Roger Day, RYA Midlands Vice Chair, is fleet manager and, to streamline the process, will act as the single point of contact for bookings and payments. A new booking system and calendar are currently being worked on with details available soon.

But in the meantime Roger wants to hear from you! Contact Roger at

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