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What Challenges Do You Face?

ShorelineThe RYA Vital Signs survey aims to find out to help secure your futures

What are the things that present a threat to the future of your club or the activities you run?

The RYA Vital Signs Survey aims to find out more about, and better understand the challenges you face to help inform the RYA's actions to help protect your future, facilities and access to boating waters. 

The survey covers all areas of club operation including legal and tax status, financials, state of owned, leased or rented premises, activities, boating waters and constraints or threats.

It's been six years since this survey was last conducted and there is no doubt the landscape has changed, but we need your help to understand how so we can better tailor our support for you to meet and overcome the challenges you do face.

The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes, and mindful of asking for too much information, it asks only the questions most relevant to your organisation.

What you will need to get started...

  • Organisation's Full Name (no abbreviations please)
  • Organisation's Abbreviated Name (if applicable)
  • Organisation's 9-digit RYA Reference Number starting in 008 or 920 (complete if known otherwise leave blank)

To take the survey, and contribute to a pivotal piece of research, click on the Elsewhere on the Web link to the right.

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