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Getting Revved Up For Honda Youth RIB

Honda Youth Rib First all Midlands event this year - why your club should enter

The Midlands have dominated the Honda RYA Youth RIB Championships over the past two years.

Girton SC's Max Mawer followed in the wake of South Staffs SC's Kamila Czartolomna to land the 13-16 years national title last year. 

The best thing about these back-to-back successes is two Midlands clubs have both won brand new top-of-the-range RIBs and engines to support their training and safety boat activities. Surely that's an incentive to get your club involved if ever there was one?

This year, for the first time, the Midlands is running a joint Honda RYA Youth RIB Championship area final at Burton SC on Saturday 16 July, with 12 clubs already set to run local club events to enter drivers into the area finals. 

But we want more!

As Will Baldock, Honda RYA Youth RIB Championship Area Coordinator, explains, his biggest challenge is breaking down perceptions of what HYR is actually all about.

He said: "People still think it's powerboat racing and instantly rule out their junior sailors entering as they think they're not a powerboat racing club and therefore they can't, or don't want to, accommodate young drivers. But that isn't what HYR is about at all.

"Its whole function is to develop safe, proficient boat handlers who can support your safety and training activities, and which could actually win you a brand new RIB into the bargain.

"HYR isn't about flat-out straight line speed, it's about competing in time trials around sets of marks with the emphasis on swift, efficient and safe manoeuvring. It aims to develop skill and control with our young powerboaters in a safe environment and is an excellent way to develop your coxswains of the future."

How it works

There are two classes - 8-12 years and 13-16 years. Each competitor has two runs in their time trial, one as a practice and one as a 'hot lap'. Both runs are timed and the fastest time put forward.  

The area champions in both age-groups then qualify for the National Final, which this year takes place at the PSP Southampton Boat Show on Sunday 18 September.

The national winner of the 8-12 age group wins a Honwave T40 RIB with a Honda BF20 engine for their club, organisation or training centre and the winner of the 13-16 age group a Highfield 460 RIB with a Honda BF50 engine. This is where Max and Kamila triumphed.

Want to know more?

We know thinking about doing this for the first time is daunting but Will is the man to put your mind at rest and help you decide if it is indeed something for your club or centre. Or could you team up with a couple of other local clubs to run an area event?

This page - Information for clubs - provides a thorough overview of what you need and what support you can expect in running a club/area heat. But don't just read about it, drop Will a line and see what he can do.

William Baldock
Honda RYA Youth RIB Championship - Area Coordinator
Tel: 01427 810011 / 07504 271611

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