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Top 5 Reasons Not To Miss Midlands Clubs Conference

The 2016 RYA Midlands Affiliate Clubs Conference is just a month away.

Landau Forte College, Tamworth on Saturday 19 November is the place to be.

All the feedback told us you thought last year’s inaugural conference was great, but as with everything you do for the first time, there is always room for improvement and what you told us we listened to.

For example, this year’s conference will make use of bigger screen in the main room, there will be more opportunities for facilitated and informal networking, there is improved car parking and directions to the venue, and arguably most importantly for those who enjoy lunch amongst us, catering issues have been sorted. Hurrah!

There is so much on the conference agenda this year it will be impossible for just one or two of you from your club to get to everything, so load up a car, including your key flag officers, and fill your boots with this smörgåsbord of sailing development!

Still need convincing? Ok here are the top five reasons you should come.

You won’t get the chance to pick the brains of more RYA experts under the same roof anywhere, fact!

You’ve only got to look at the list of RYA bods doing talks, hosting 1:1 clinics and generally just being around on the agenda – which you can handily download here – to see that if you want to pick a brain, the right brain is probably there to be picked. Face to face conversations are ALWAYS better than on email and phone and, even if your question or issue can’t be resolved there and then, you have a real life person and conversation to pick up on afterwards. Don’t waste that opportunity.

Share and share alike.

Our clubs tend to be quite a friendly bunch that are happy just to share their passion for the sport they are bonkers about and give as many people as possible the chance to go sailing. For that reason no one is precious about keeping success stories, and equally disasters, to themselves for the greater good of the sport in the region. Taking the chance to hear from other clubs and network with people who have the same challenges and issues you have can only help your club find the right solutions.

Sailing – the new frontier.

2017 is going to be a massive year for ALL grassroots sport in the country as Sport England rolls out its latest four-year plan. What gets laid down in this plan will determine not only what resources national governing bodies, the RYA included, can access to help them achieve Sport England’s objectives, but also individual clubs in terms of developing your activities, facilities and resources accordingly up to 2021. Updates, including on government, Sport England and RYA strategies and how they affect your club, will be part of the conference opening address from RYA Deputy Chairman, Vernon Herten-Ash. Can you afford not to hear this?

Making the most of your volunteer base

We all know volunteers are the lifeblood of our clubs. But as great as extra pairs of hands are, volunteers who haven’t had the chance to develop knowledge and skills in particular areas are limited in what they can bring to the club. This is where the conference workshops can make a huge difference in helping you grow your club. The full list of 10 different workshops can be found on the agenda – again handily downloadable here – providing an unmatched opportunity to develop your club volunteers’ knowledge and interest in any of these development areas.

You would only have to go Christmas shopping otherwise…

What else would you rather be doing on a Saturday in November? Grappling with the crowds in the Bullring or talking sailing, sailing, sailing? Surely there is only one answer! I rest my case M’lud.

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