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The Board is the RYA Cymru Wales’ Board of Directors. It is comprised of a mix of non-executive and executive directors and it meets regularly to conduct its business. It is chaired by the Chairman of RYA Cymru Wales.

The Board operates within the governance of the Association. Its role is to supervise the management of the Association’s business and to discharge the responsibilities of the directors under the Companies Act.

The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of RYA Cymru Wales and the Chief Executive sit alongside a further three directors who are appointed on the basis of personal competencies and a further five through an open recruitment process.

The Board’s main duties are to:

  • Develop long term Strategic Plans;
  • Approve the Annual Operating Plan;
  • Approve operating budgets;
  • Supervise risk management and safety matters for the Association. 

Its workings are reported to the members and stakeholders of the Association through the Directors’ Report in the annual report and accounts document and at the Annual General Meeting.

RYA Cymru Wales is a Company Limited by Guarantee and is managed by a Board of Directors.

The Board meets formally 6 times a year to look at the strategic direction of the RYA Cymru Wales. The Chief Executive Officer reports directly to the Board and is managed by the Chairman

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