We at RYA Cymru Wales are about to embark upon a comprehensive review of our strategic objectives. We want to engage the boating community in a wide ranging conversation that will reflect on our achievements over the last few years and establish those areas we need to address for the future.  

We want to understand what our members and key stakeholders see as being the priorities for our organisation over the next four years so we can together formulate a clear strategy that will guide all our activities.  

To do this we will be undertaking a Wales-wide series of  evening meetings to engage directly with individuals, Clubs and Training Centres throughout the months of June and July. The CEO and members of staff will travel to every corner of Wales and want to hear from as many people as possible.  

If you are a member of the RYA, a member of an affiliated Club, involved in a Recognised Training Centre or an active RYA instructor, coach or race official you are invited to attend one of the evening sessions. These sessions are structured to enable everyone present to take part in small group discussions which promise to be informative and engaging and will help shape the future for our sport in Wales.  

Phil Braden, CEO of RYA Cymru Wales said, �We want to give all our stakeholders the chance to input directly into this important strategic review. To make this both easy and effective, we�ve decided to run consultation sessions across the whole of the country that are open to all stakeholders as well as engaging directly with our clubs. We have also launched an online survey for those that may not be able to attend. This is going to be a great opportunity to meet so many of our boating community and hear as many views as possible. This will then form the basis of our activities for the next four years. It is important that we hear about what people feel we do well, areas where we could do better, things we should be doing and perhaps not doing with the aim to make boating even better across Wales.�  

Dafydd Griffiths, Chairman of RYA Cymru Wales stressed the importance for everyone to get involved saying, �RYA Cymru Wales is the governing body for boating in Wales. We need our members and partners to play a crucial role in this review process so that the organisation continues to do the very best for our members and the wider boating community. 

"The evening sessions across the country will be a great opportunity for people to meet our staff.  The online questionnaire is quick to complete and will make sure everyone can have an input. Of course we will be happy for people to drop us a note directly if they prefer.�  

RYA Cymru Wales has moved forward significantly over the last four years and seen a sustained growth in membership. We want our organisation to continue to flourish and deliver on our purpose to protect and promote safe, successful and rewarding boating in Wales.  This is your opportunity to help us do so.

Details of the dates and venues can be found here 

The online survey can be found here.