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For the following reasons it makes sense to pay attention to the environmental impacts your club may have, and how best to manage them:

  • Compliance with environmental legislation which will affect every club in a number of ways.
  •  Cost savings – especially through more prudent use of energy and water and through managing waste effectively.
  • Conservation of the boating environment – we are highly dependent on clean, high quality water and surroundings for the enjoyment of our sport. We therefore have a collective responsibility to help promote and maintain a healthy natural environment.

The original RYA Planning and Environmental Handbook (see below) deals with the environmental issues which affect clubs. Each section focuses on the legal duties of each club for that particular topic and then provides information on how to manage the issue. It also contains relevant case studies and sources of further information.

For further details, please contact or visit RYA Environment Management.

Links to information on the latest marine planning and environmental advice can be found here.


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