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sportscotland is the national agency for sport. We are the lead agency for the development of sport in Scotland. Our mission is to build a world class sporting system for everyone in Scotland.

By world class we mean being ambitious and aspiring to be the best we can be at all levels in sport. We see a Scotland where sport is a way of life, at the heart of society, making a positive impact on people and communities. Across Scotland, people are already working together to make this happen. It's now time to build on this work and raise the bar #raisingthebar

You can find out more about the world class sporting system in our Corporate Plan 2015-2019

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 sportscotland's National centres at Cumbrae and Inverclyde are used extensively by RYA Scotland to support our training programmes. Our senior squads train at these centres throught the winter.

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In 1999 The Royal Yachting Association chose Largs as it’s location for the Scottish “Centre of Excellence” and the Scottish Sailing Institute (SSI) was created to promote Largs as a major championship venue and to coordinate large championship events and race training activity. Over the years since 1999 the SSI and Largs Sailing Club have developed a reputation as Scotland’s leading venue for hosting regattas, all water sports activities (including training and coaching) and championship events. The SSI is based in Largs Sailing Club, on the Largs Yacht Haven site and the Institute boasts a well-established on-shore infrastructure with excellent sailing waters and has superb natural advantages that are the envy of many sailing organisations. The SSI aims to ensure the efficient coordination of the local club’s volunteers and facilities and provides access to a full range of services and water sport resources.

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The Scottish Sports Association provides a unique service for Scottish Governing Bodies of sport. As an independent member organisation they provide unbiased and crucial support for Governing Body staff and volunteers. Their members benefit from a dedicated team, positioned at the heart of Scottish sport, which is there to support their needs. The Scottish Sports Association provides services and expertise across a wide range of areas

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